About The Firm

At the Law Office of Victoria Donoghue, we specialize in all aspects of employment and family based immigration, giving individualized attention to each client.  Our goal is to assist clients in planning their immigration path in the United States from nonimmigrant visa to green card to naturalization.  In our experience, planning is often the key to ultimate success.

Our employment-based practice focuses on obtaining temporary nonimmigrant employment visas such as H’s, L’s, O’s, P’s, TN’s, and R’s.  We help our clients to choose the most appropriate category and prepare the best possible case to present to USCIS.  We also provide advice on the regulations applicable to each category in terms of employment and travel.  Our advice on employment-based green cards (or Lawful Permanent Residence or immigrant visas) concentrates on analyzing a client’s case to determine the best green card avenue to pursue given his or her education level, experience, and qualifications.

Our family-based practice assists clients in uniting with their family members.  This may include, by way of example, a filing by a United States Citizen for a foreign national spouse, parent or child, or a filing by a lawful permanent resident for child.

Naturalization is the final goal for many foreign nationals, the culmination of many years in the immigration process.  We guide clients through the naturalization process from filing the N-400, to attending the interview, to being sworn in as a U.S. citizen.

In the current political climate, we have chosen to focus on educating and informing our readers about the constant changes in the field.  Our aim is to provide unbiased information about what is happening in the realm of immigration; our hope is to bust the myths that negatively effect public opinion on immigration and immigrants.  Additionally, we report on, and explain, the dizzying changes that are taking place on a daily or weekly basis.