Immigrant Visas (Green Cards)

Immigrant visas, green cards and lawful permanent residents all mean the same thing. A green card permits a foreign national to live and work in the U.S. indefinitely. Most green cards are obtained either through employment (a job offer) or family ties. This section looks at employment-based immigration for individuals who have obtained at least a Bachelor’s degree.There are multiple immigration categories available to foreign nationals wishing to obtain a green card through employment. The category chosen will depend on a number of factors including the nature of the work, the level of education and skill required for the job, the willingness of the employer to sponsor the foreign national, and the foreign national’s achievements. The categories include Aliens of Extraordinary Ability in their field of endeavor, Outstanding Researchers and Professors, Advanced Degree Professionals, aliens warranting a National Interest Waiver, and Professions whose job require a Bachelor’s degree.A foreign national will often need to make future plans in order to present the best case in the most appropriate category. For example, a researcher may want to wait until a few more scholarly articles are published in international journals, or an individual considering graduate school may want to delay the green card process until he or she has completed the graduate degree. We can help you choose the right approach and make the best case to improve your chances of getting a green card.